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Ultimate Games & Comics is owned by Marcus & Holly Moore. Originally hailing from Nashville, TN, this dynamic duo left the busy city life behind and relocated to Madisonville, KY after retiring from over a decade of staffing, volunteering and working at anime & sci-fi conventions throughout the Southeast.


Marcus is a self-proclaimed DC afficionado, and it has been his lifelong dream to own a comic book store. He’s a bit of workaholic, and you can usually find him sorting Magic cards, ordering comic books, reading emails, talking on the phone and watching the latest episodes of Flash and Arrow- all at the same time. We’d tell you his hobbies, but he works too much to have any.


Holly is a former convention runner, and has happily retired to become a full time fan, business owner, mom and cosplayer. She is the quintessential bitter, 30-something fangirl who swears that new anime “just isn’t the same”, that “parapara is still fun”, and that you’re “never too old for cosplay”, despite her husband telling her otherwise.


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