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Thursday, 08 Oct 2015

BLOG: Upcoming Yu-gi-oh Changes

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I was sitting here thinking of topics to start off this Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG blog, and came across some news from Konami that seemed pretty fitting. What better way to start off a new blog than with coverage of the new changes coming to the card game?!


Konami recently released an article letting players and collectors know that starting with

the “Breakers of Shadow” booster pack, out in stores January 15, 2016, there will be some very big changes to standard booster packs. Following a similar trend that Pokemon went with several years back, standard Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG booster packs will now include 1 guaranteed foil (either a Super rare, Ultra rare, or Secret rare), in addition to the 1 rare and 7 common cards, for a total of 9 cards per pack. That’s not the only changes, though! Konami will also be upping the pull rate of Ultra rares and Secret rares. Starting with the “Breakers of Shadow” booster pack, Ultra rares will now be 1 in about 6 packs (compared to 1 in 12 for previous sets), and Secret rares will now be 1 in about 12 packs (compared to 1 in about 23 packs for previous sets). Just in case any players or collectors may be wondering, booster boxes will still contain 24 packs.


The news is not all great news for some players, though. To keep the costs down on standard booster packs, Konami will also be dropping the Ultimate rare and Ghost rare cards from their standard booster packs, starting with “Breakers of Shadow”. Ultimate rare cards will still be included in the Astral packs, and other future tournament prize packs, but there is currently no set plans on whether Ghost rares will be included in any future releases. While there will undoubtedly be some who are upset with the future lack of Ultimate rares and Ghost rares in standard booster packs, I think we can all agree that getting more for your money is a great thing!

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